Creating extraordinary
travel experiences
for all-abilities.

Do you seek a barrier-free, customisable holiday that accommodates physical and intellectual disabilities?

Not all accommodation providers, airlines or tours support the needs of the all-abilities traveller. At Travellers Lounge, we have niche expertise and industry insights in providing bespoke travel experiences for travellers of all abilities.

Whether travelling independently or with a companion, Travellers Lounge specialises in making sure that your travel experience is inclusive.

Knowing your needs

Travelling with some forward planning. Travellers Lounge can support your travel experience
and manage your journey, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Airline Accessible

We work with airlines to provide accessible travel and assistance with navigating airports

Boarding and Transit

We can help arrange the finer details of your air travel. From assistance with baggage, boarding and facilities while in transit. Even wheelchair access and storage from end-to-end.

Travel Assistance

We advise and arrange for travel with assistance animals as well as help you navigate the quarantine procedure.

Transport Options

Working with you to find the best transport options for your needs.

Accomodation Options

If you need accessible and mobility assistance in hotel rooms, we know the best places to stay.

All Abilities Touring

We have access to a great selection of accessible tours and destination guides to help you travel with ease.

Providing the ultimate in service
to ensure you enjoy inclusive and
enjoyable travel experiences.