Do not underestimate what a Travel Manager can do for you

by admin on December 12 20 in Uncategorized ,

Many people underestimate what a Travel Manager can do for you.

It’s not just booking flights, cars, and accommodation and sending an invoice every month.

Travel Managers are a lot more. It’s a massive job that requires a combination of expert skills, attention to detail and people management skills.

Think about it this way – could your in-house team organise travel partnerships with hotels, airlines, car hire companies and other relevant services; create and update the travel policy; ensure employees are safe while on the road; plan meetings and schedules; ensure the travel experience is as productive and valuable as possible; and make sure staff adhere to the travel policy among other tasks?

Knowledge in this field, as for most professional people, is underpinned by the tricks of the trade related to the travel planning process.

If you’re scheduling your own travel plans you might wish to consider the following to maximise your business spend.

1.   Book early – Some business trips come up at the last minute, so it’s not always possible to book early. However, the earlier you book, the cheaper the costs will be and the more choice you will have.

2.   Review the travel policy – Read the travel policy. You’ll get a thorough understanding of the expectations, and if you think it needs updating you might need to speak to your internal Travel Manager or speak to a professional travel expert.

3.   Plan your trip thoroughly – Once you’ve booked flights, accommodation, cars and other services, any changes can be expensive. Planning is key to keeping costs down and getting things right.

4.    Leave a detailed schedule– This rule applies not just for business travel but for personal as well. To ensure family and colleagues know where you should be at all times, leave a detailed schedule with them.

5.    Insurance is important! – Never travel without insurance because things really do happen. You might get sick, luggage might get lost, or any one of thousands of other things might happen that could end up costing a lot of money. Check your travel insurance policy and make sure you’re covered for where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.

If you are going to travel without a Travel Manager, make sure your ducks are in order to endure that you are prepared.