How a Corporate Travel Expert can boost your booking ability and productivity

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If your team is spending time booking flights, hotels and transfers for business travel, these tasks are not only eating into their core work time really but is potentially not the most cost effective way to secure the best deals.

With the initial booking taking the most time, if your staff has to make changes to a booking at short notice you’ll find this will really suck up their time.

This is where a corporate travel expert becomes indispensable. When you have a trusted travel expert backing you up, you can put the booking process on autopilot and do more with the time you’re not spending searching for the cheapest deals on travel websites

So what are the benefits?

1)  One point of contact for your entire travel program

Having a corporate travel expert means that your team speak to the same person every time for every step in the travel cycle. From booking to invoicing to reconciliation, the simplification of this process comes down to a single, dedicated point of contact. A corporate travel expert is tapped into the travel industry and will know the quickest solution to your problem.

2)  Know your rates and fares

Trawling the web might not have the greatest cost benefits presented at face value. The time spent searching and the limited access to flight data could be costing you more. With a corporate travel expert you’ll have access to the widest range travel with deals sourced from the global network of suppliers.

3)  When things go wrong

When cancellations or disruptions happen, who in your office is given the call to fix it? Chances are you won’t have someone on the other end at all hours to support your team in crisis.  A corporate travel expert will have a 24/7 support team that will ensure travel problems are fixed. Having an expert at hand who can keep travel itineraries on track is more than a convenience, it is a cost effective solution to corporate travel.