Does your company need the services of a corporate travel agent?

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Despite advancement in technology, business travel is still a necessity to many multi-national companies. While virtual meetings are great,many businesses rely on travel to meet clients face-to-face or simply to visit their offices in varied locations.

So when travel is a major consideration in the successful running of a company, I am often confused why companies don’t engage a corporate travel manager.

So what exactly is a corporate travel manager?

A corporate travel manager should not be incorrectly assumed as another name for a travel agent; a corporate travel manager will do far more than just book your travel. A corporate travel manager is there to ensure an employee’s travel arrangements are organised from go to woe, factoring in budget, safety, efficiency and schedules.

In short, a corporate travel manager is someone external to your company with expertise in the travel industry who can organise and manage all the travel arrangements and expenses incurred by you and your team as you travel.

For organisations that rely on travel to run their business, employee travel can be a huge expense. A corporate travel manager will be experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of travel management from initial bookings to problem-solving while your team is in the field.

Here are some advantages to engaging a corporate travel manager for your company.

Controls travel expenditure

A corporate travel manager will have deep insights into supplier rates and can negotiate on your employees behalf. By understanding your budget and travel expenditure, as well as your teams specific travel requirements and preferences, a corporate travel manager will be able to negotiate with a travel supplier to get the best rates available.

The company benefits from reduced pricing and better service due to an ongoing relationship between the travel manager and the supplier. A good travel manager can provide travel savings,which in turn pays for having someone in the know to make the most of the travel requirements for your company.

Compliance with travel contracts and policies

It’s important for a business to meet its contractual obligations with a travel supplier. Your corporate manager will ensure all obligations are met, or negotiate and defend should the agreement turn sour.

Cut the stress

Employees who travel should be focued on achieving work outcomes. A corporate travel manager reduces stress by making all the necessary arrangements and doing the travel research on your team’s behalf. This reduces the chances of missed flights or room bookings – as it is all arranged by and checked on your behalf.

Productive for your company

A corporate travel manager cuts the admin burden for your travelling staff. Let them focus on their core business while a corporate travel manager can support:

  • obtain visas and or necessary paperwork for the destination
  • booking immunisations if needed
  • car services
  • flights
  • accommodation costs
  • travel insurance
  • travel allowance for food and other expenses while on the business trip.

A corporate travel manager will keep travel and budgets on track so companies can focus on their jobs.

Crisis Management

A duty of care needs to be taken employees travel for business. They need to be kept safe. So if a crisis was to occur, or a flight missed, or an unforseen disaster was afoot, a corporate travel manager is able to act as your eyes and ears to ensure that your team are moved to safety. Project managing people out of a travel crisis is a critical reason to engage a corporate travel manager.

Harnessing travel technology

A corporate travel manager will harness travel technology and ensure that it provides true efficiency your company. The goal is to make it as uncomplicated as possible and that technology should make the experience seamless for business travellers.


If your team are bogged down in manual data entry for travel bookings instead of doing their job, you are not saving your company time or money doing it this way.

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