One size doesn’t always fit all with Corporate Travel Management

by admin on September 09 04 in Uncategorized ,

Some things that are pre-prepared are incredible useful – frozen pastry, IKEA furniture and packaged holidays to Bali. But when it comes to corporate travel, the off-the-shelf approach misses many marks.

One of the biggest failings of the business travel industry is that in order for the travel manager to save costs, they cut out the human factor of travel.

With the demand on employees to deliver more for less, this lack of human in travel simply does not cut it.

Every organisation is unique, from its company size to its individual corporate travel requirements that need to be fulfilled. If enlisting the assistance of a travel management company (or even engaging one for the very first time), the number one thing to be cognisant of is that they are human-centred in their approach to your business.

A travel management company worth its reputation will take the time to get to know your organisation, how it operates and most importantly understand its people. They will take an interest in understanding what the organisation expects and allow for consultative options even before the deal is done. Solutions are not pre-packaged either, so a good travel manager will take the time to understand the services needed and any restrictions of your business travel policy.

Ideally, a good travel management company will act as an extension of your business, positioning itself into your company structure without interruption to core service delivery whilst also offering ongoing solutions or improvement for the organisation and its people.

The off-the-shelf call centre approach worked well a decade ago. In our current fast paced, tech driven business world, businesses and organisations SHOULD expect more for their dollar – bespoke, personalised service on top of the standard travel service.

If you are not getting this from your travel management company, ask yourself why. If the cost to your business is lost productivity due to poor travel management and cultural impacts within the organisation, it could be time to shop around.