The real reason your business travel strategy is failing

by admin on October 10 18 in Uncategorized ,

Most companies have great intentions when they implement a business travel strategies. They all seek out to dive down costs, making sure employees are protected when travelling, as well as harnessing the latest technology solutions to optimise their time.

But from best-laid plans to the reality of corporate travel, we see a lot of these great intentions fail.

So why are these strategies failing?

1. Trying to do it all in-house

If your annual business travel spend is around $50 – $100k, you are doing yourself a disservice trying to do it all in house. , A credible business travel agent has the buying power to purchase reduced travel costs based on volumes/

Add to that 24-hour support from a dedicated account manager and you will achieve results that will improve your spend outputs.

2. No one is taking ownership of your corporate travel strategy.

Who is responsible for ensuring your policy and strategy is adhered to? Whether your business is supported by a travel agent or not, someone will need to take the lead on business travel activity. Driving travel policy fulfilment, highlighting and driving the added value achieved through working with a preferred suppliers and gathering traveller feedback are some of the tasks foundations of a travel strategy.

3. Sharing your goals

Sharing your business travel strategy with your travel manager is key to helping you achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to reduce costs, you need to advise your business travel company so they can take responsibility to drive that tactic. Sharing your goals means gaining expert advice, as well as a leader who will offer new solutions.

Working in relationship with a travel manager is important and can ultimately make or break a travel strategy. Ensuring you address this up front can be the success of your strategy.