The rise of the Bleisure traveller and why companies should embrace it

by admin on September 09 18 in Uncategorized ,

Once the initial thrill has worn off of travelling on someone else’s coin, living out of suitcases and eating bland buffet breakfasts as a business traveller becomes a tiresome chore for many.

But times have changed. The charming portmanteau known as bleisure, has seen the drudgery of work travel become a health-giving break for the weary traveller.

So what exactly is Bleisure? Bleisure is the blending of business-oriented trips with personal time.

Imagine for instance you are a project manager sent to work with a client in Paris. The project manager extends his travel in Paris for a few days to shop or even visit Versailles. By combining business with leisure, your project manager can enjoy a little of their own bleisure time.

The benefit of bleisure to business itself is that they can actively address the work-life balance and its impacts on tired, run-down and jet lagged staff.

2016 survey conducted by the Australia Institute into the Australian workforce found that full-time Australian workers were on average performing more than five hours a week in unpaid overtime, including staying back late, working through breaks, taking work home and answering email out of hours.  This statistic increases for those that travel frequently for business. Jim Stanford from the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute stated that “Across the economy, we found about $116 billion worth of labour time each year is uncompensated”.

For many hard working Australians who are unable to disconnect from email even on weekends, bleisure represents a compromise for the dedicated businessperson and offers a balance of professional obligations with much needed R&R.

Forward-thinking companies are embracing the bleisure trend as a tool to boost productivity and support staff well-being. This can only be good thing for everyone, from CEOs to new hires.